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Cloudera Distribution Hadoop (CDH)

Following Manually Install JuiceFS Java Client, and then change the configuration of the components:

  • Hadoop

    CDH 5.x

    Modify core-site.xml in the ClouderaManager:

    Configuration detail at Parameter Configuration.

    CDH 6.x and above(CDP included)

    In addition to the above for 5.x version. You also need to add the following path to mapreduce.application.classpath at YARN service interface:

  • HBase

    Modify hbase-site.xml at HBase service interface:

    Add the following lines:


    Delete znode(default /hbase) zookeeper.znode.parent

    Notice:this operation will empty HBase data

  • Hive

    Modify hive.metastore.warehouse.dir at Hive service interface,change the default location for table creation in Hive(optional):

  • Impala

    Modify Impala Commandline Advanced Configuration at Impala service interface.

    For increase the number of I/O threads, you could change the following parameter as 20/Number-of-Mounted-Disks.

  • Solr

    Modify Solr Advanced COnfiguration Code Snippets at Solr service interface:


Finally, restart the cluster to take effect changes.