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Hortonworks Distribution Platform(HDP)

Following Manually Install JuiceFS Java Client, and then modify the configuration at Ambari:

  • Hadoop

    Modify core-site.xml at HDFS interface, following Parameter Configuration.

  • MapReduce2

    Modify mapreduce.application.classpath at MapReduce2 interface, append :/usr/hdp/${hdp.version}/hadoop/lib/juicefs-hadoop.jar at the last(don\'t replace the variable)

  • Hive

    Modify hive.metastore.warehouse.dir for default location of table creation at Hive interface(optional):


    If you have the Ranger service, please append jfs at the last of ranger.plugin.hive.urlauth.filesystem.schemes:

  • Druid

    Change the directory address at Driud interface (Maybe you need to create the directory manually due to permission limit) :

    "": "jfs://your-jfs-name/apps/druid/warehouse"
    "": "jfs://your-jfs-name/user/druid/logs"
  • HBase

    Modify these params at HBase


    Delete znode(default /hbase) zookeeper.znode.parent

    Notice:this operation will empty HBase data

  • Sqoop

    When import data into Hive by Sqoop, Sqoop should imports data into target-dir first, and then loads into the Hive table with hive load, so you need to modify target-dir when using Sqoop.


    For version 1.4.6, You need modify fs to update the default filesystem. Please copy mapreduce.tar.gz to the same path from HDFS to JuiceFS, defalt path is /hdp/apps/${hdp.version}/mapreduce/mapreduce.tar.gz.

    sqoop import \
    -fs jfs://your-jfs-name/ \
    --target-dir jfs://your-jfs-name/tmp/your-dir


    sqoop import \
    --target-dir jfs://your-jfs-name/tmp/your-dir

Finally, restart the service to take effect changes.