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JuiceFS client compilation and upgrade

For general users, it is recommended to directly visit the releases page to download the pre-compiled version for installation and use.

Compile from source code

If you want to experience the new features of JuiceFS first, you can clone the code from the main branch of our Github repository and manually compile the latest client.

Clone repository

$ git clone


The JuiceFS client is developed in Go language, so before compiling, you must install the dependent tools locally in advance:

  • Go 1.16+
  • GCC 5.4+

Tip: For users in China, in order to download the Go modules faster, it is recommended to set the mirror server through the GOPROXY environment variable. For example: Goproxy China.

Enter the source code directory:

$ cd juicefs


$ make

After the compilation is successful, you can find the compiled juicefs binary program in the current directory.

JuiceFS client upgrade

The JuiceFS client is a binary file named juicefs. You only need to replace the old version with the new version of the binary file when upgrading.