How to deploy JuiceFS

JuiceFS is quite easy to deploy with the following steps:

  1. Create a file system in juicefs web console
  2. Download juicefs command line tool
  3. Mount juicefs file system

You may do it manually following the [Getting Started](./getting_started.html) guide.

Alternatively, you may automate it with DevOps tools such as Ansible, Salt and etc.


Use the following command to download and mount JuiceFS.

curl -L -o juicefs && chmod +x juicefs
sudo ./juicefs auth --token $JFS_TOKEN --accesskey $ACCESSKEY --secretkey $SECRETKEY $JFS_NAME
sudo ./juicefs mount $JFS_NAME $JFS_MOUNTPONT

Add a line to /etc/fstab so that it will be mounted automatically after booting. For example:

JFS_NAME  /jfs     juicefs    _netdev   0 0


By default, CentOS 6 will NOT mount network filesystem after boot, run sudo chkconfig --add netfs to enable it.

Using Shell Script

cd /tmp
curl -L -o juicefs && chmod +x juicefs
sudo ./juicefs auth "$1" --token "$2" --accesskey "$3" --secretkey "$4"
sudo ./juicefs mount "$1" "$5"

Save the above content as a shell script and mount JuiceFS with one-line command:



For environment that does not require accesskey or secretkey, e.g. using AWS IAM role for authentication, put a placeholder '' for the corresponding arguments.

Using Salt

Example state snippets to deploy JuiceFS with Salt.

        - source:
        - mode:  0755
        - skip_verify: True

juicefs auth:
        - name: /root/juicefs auth {{jfs_name}} --token {{jfs_token}} --accesskey={{accesskey}} --secretkey={{secretkey}}
        - creates: /root/.juicefs/{{jfs_name}}.conf
        - file: /root/juicefs

        - device: {{jfs_name}}
        - fstype: juicefs
        - mkmnt: True
        - opts: _netdev
        - device_name_regex:
            - JuiceFS:{{jfs_name}}
        - cmd: juicefs auth


juicefs command line tool will automatically add prefix JuiceFS: to the device name. Therefore, you need to apply a regex match for it.

Using Ansible

Example for mounting JuiceFS on localhost using Ansible playbook

- hosts: localhost
    - set_fact:
        jfs_bin: /usr/local/bin/juicefs

    - get_url:
        mode: 0755
        dest: "{{jfs_bin}}

    - command: {{jfs_bin}} auth {{jfs_name}} --token {{jfs_token}} --accesskey={{accesskey}} --secretkey={{secretkey}}
        creates: /root/.juicefs/{{jfs_name}}.conf

    - mount:
        path: "{{jfs_path}}"
        src: "{{jfs_name}}"
        fstype: juicefs
        opts: _netdev
        state: mounted