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Offline Cluster

An offline cluster is a Kubernetes cluster in which nodes cannot access the public internet, and hence cannot readily retrieve Docker images for CSI Controller components. If worker nodes in your environment cannot access Docker Hub or Quay, they are deemed offline cluster.

Copy images

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Change mount pod SA to allow pull image

Offline clusters often use private image registries, which require authentication to access. The default ServiceAccount (SA) for mount pod is juicefs-csi-node-sa, which probably isn't equipped to pull images from your private registry. Follow below guide to change SA for mount pod in order to pull its image normally.

A SA called juicefs-mount-sa is assumed to have access to your private registry, make adjustments accordingly in your environment (refer to Kubernetes documentation to see how to create the SA).

Static provisioning

Modify the volumeAttributes in PV, add juicefs/mount-service-account:

apiVersion: v1
kind: PersistentVolume
name: juicefs-pv
juicefs/mount-service-account: juicefs-mount-sa

Dynamic provisioning

Modify the parameters in StorageClass, add juicefs/mount-service-account:

kind: StorageClass
name: juicefs-sc
juicefs/mount-service-account: juicefs-mount-sa