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How to seamlessly remount JuiceFS file system?

JuiceFS file system needs to be remounted for some configuration changes to take effect. If you can accept downtime, simply delete mount pod and JuiceFS is remounted when mount pod is re-created (note that if automatic mount point recovery isn't enabled, you'll need to restart or re-create application pods to bring mount point back into service). But in Kubernetes, we often wish a seamless remount. You can achieve a seamless remount by the following process:

  • When upgrading or downgrading CSI Driver, if mount pod image is changed along the way, CSI Driver will create new mount pod when you perform a rolling upgrade on application pods.
  • Modify mount options at PV level, and perform a rolling upgrade on application pods. Note that for dynamic provisioning, although you can modify mount options in StorageClass, but the changes made will not be reflected on existing PVs, a rolling upgrade thereafter will not trigger mount pod re-creation.
  • Modify volume credentials, and perform a rolling upgrade on application pods.
  • If no configuration has been modified, but a seamless remount is still in need, you can make some trivial, ineffective changes to mount options (e.g. increase cache-size by 1), and then perform a rolling upgrade on application pods.

To learn about the CSI Driver implementation, and find out when will new mount pods are created to achieve seamless remount, see the GenHashOfSetting() function in pkg/juicefs/mount/pod_mount.go.