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Use JuiceFS in Managed Kubernetes


AWS EKS is the managed Kubernetes service provided by AWS, follow this guide to setup JuiceFS on EKS.

  1. Ensure Kubernetes nodes has access to internet.

  2. Install AWS CLI

    curl "" -o ""
    sudo ./aws/install
  3. Configure AWS CLI credentials

    $ aws configure
    AWS Access Key ID [None]: xxxxx
    AWS Secret Access Key [None]: xxxxx
    Default region name [None]: cn-northwest-1
    Default output format [None]: json
  4. Create kubeconfig file using AWS CLI

    $ aws eks --region cn-northwest-1 update-kubeconfig --name test
    Added new context arn:aws-cn:eks:cn-northwest-1:949126829252:cluster/test to /root/.kube/config
  5. Follow Use JuiceFS in Kubernetes to install and use JuiceFS in Kubernetes.