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fio Benchmark

Testing Approach

Performed a sequential read/write benchmark on JuiceFS, EFS and S3FS by fio.

Testing Tool

The following tests were performed by fio 3.1.

Sequential read test (numjobs: 1):

fio --name=sequential-read --directory=/s3fs --rw=read --refill_buffers --bs=4M --size=4G
fio --name=sequential-read --directory=/efs --rw=read --refill_buffers --bs=4M --size=4G
fio --name=sequential-read --directory=/jfs --rw=read --refill_buffers --bs=4M --size=4G

Sequential write test (numjobs: 1):

fio --name=sequential-write --directory=/s3fs --rw=write --refill_buffers --bs=4M --size=4G --end_fsync=1
fio --name=sequential-write --directory=/efs --rw=write --refill_buffers --bs=4M --size=4G --end_fsync=1
fio --name=sequential-write --directory=/jfs --rw=write --refill_buffers --bs=4M --size=4G --end_fsync=1

Sequential read test (numjobs: 16):

fio --name=big-file-multi-read --directory=/s3fs --rw=read --refill_buffers --bs=4M --size=4G --numjobs=16
fio --name=big-file-multi-read --directory=/efs --rw=read --refill_buffers --bs=4M --size=4G --numjobs=16
fio --name=big-file-multi-read --directory=/jfs --rw=read --refill_buffers --bs=4M --size=4G --numjobs=16

Sequential write test (numjobs: 16):

fio --name=big-file-multi-write --directory=/s3fs --rw=write --refill_buffers --bs=4M --size=4G --numjobs=16 --end_fsync=1
fio --name=big-file-multi-write --directory=/efs --rw=write --refill_buffers --bs=4M --size=4G --numjobs=16 --end_fsync=1
fio --name=big-file-multi-write --directory=/jfs --rw=write --refill_buffers --bs=4M --size=4G --numjobs=16 --end_fsync=1

Testing Environment

In the following test results, all fio tests based on the c5d.18xlarge EC2 instance (72 CPU, 144G RAM), Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Kernel 5.4.0) system, JuiceFS use the local Redis instance (version 4.0.9) to store metadata.

JuiceFS mount command:

./juicefs format --storage=s3 --bucket=https://<BUCKET>.s3.<REGION> localhost benchmark
./juicefs mount --max-uploads=150 --io-retries=20 localhost /jfs

EFS mount command (the same as the configuration page):

mount -t nfs -o nfsvers=4.1,rsize=1048576,wsize=1048576,hard,timeo=600,retrans=2,noresvport, <EFS-ID>.efs.<REGION> /efs

S3FS (version 1.82) mount command:

s3fs <BUCKET>:/s3fs /s3fs -o host=https://s3.<REGION>,endpoint=<REGION>,passwd_file=${HOME}/.passwd-s3fs

Testing Result

Sequential Read Write Benchmark