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Release Notes


For all versions, please see GitHub Releases.

Upgrade to JuiceFS v1.0.0 Beta3

JuiceFS client has only one binary file, so you only need to replace the old version with the new one when upgrading JuiceFS.

SQL: Update table schema to support encoding other than UTF-8

JuiceFS v1.0.0 Beta3 has changed the table schema to support encoding other than UTF-8. For existing file systems, you need to upgrade the table schema manually to support that. It's recommended to upgrade all clients first and then the table schema.


Table schema upgrades are optional, and they are required only if you need to use non-UTF-8 characters. In addition, database performance may degrade when upgrading SQL table schemas, affecting running services.


alter table jfs_edge
modify name varbinary(255) not null;
alter table jfs_symlink
modify target varbinary(4096) not null;


alter table jfs_edge
alter column name type bytea using name::bytea;
alter table jfs_symlink
alter column target type bytea using target::bytea;


SQLite does not support modifying columns, but you can migrate columns by dump and load commands, refer to JuiceFS Metadata Backup and Recovery for details.

New session management format

JuiceFS v1.0.0 Beta3 uses a new session management format. The previous versions of clients cannot see the sessions generated by v1.0.0 Beta3 clients via juicefs status or juicefs destroy, whereas the new versions are able to see all the sessions.