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Version 1.2 supports POSIX ACL. For detailed rules, please refer to:


Currently, once ACL is enabled, it cannot be disabled.
Therefore, the --enable-acl flag is associated with the volume.

Enable ACL for new volumes

juicefs format sqlite3://myjfs.db myjfs --enable-acl

Enable ACl for existing volumes

  • Upgrade all old client to v1.2 and remount it.
  • Use the following command with v1.2 client to change the volume configuration.
juicefs config sqlite3://myjfs.db --enable-acl


  • New client versions are compatible with old volume versions.
  • Old client versions are compatible with new volume versions (without ACL enabled).

If ACL is enabled, it is recommended that all clients to be upgraded. If an old client mounts a new volume (without ACL enabled), and ACL is subsequently enabled on the volume, operations by the old client may impact the correctness of ACL.


  • ACL permission checks are supported only in Linux kernel 4.9 and higher versions. You can refer to this documentation for more details.
  • Enabling ACL increases the minimum client version requirement to v1.2.
  • Enabling ACL may have additional performance implications. For scenarios with infrequent ACL changes, the impact is minimal with memory cache optimization.