JuiceFS 2018 Q3 updates

Rui Su

Hi, it’s been a long time.

Autumn comes by, and JuiceFS hasn't post updates for a long time. Here, let's list our progress of the past three months!

First, JuiceFS enabled the brand new domain name juicefs.com. The previous .io suffix domain name is unable to apply for an ICP License in China, so there have been some occasional connection problems with part of mainland China users. The new domain has rapid access speed, hope you guys likes it. PS. The old domain name has been set a redirect to the new domain and won't affect existed operations.

Here are a few important updates to JuiceFS:

  1. Support volume encryption. For details and principles, please refer to Security chapter of JuiceFS documentation. Data security is crucial for everyone, so this feature is not limited to paid users, we are open it to all users. Using this feature requires upgrading the client version to 4.3.0 or above.
  2. In order to make better manage and control for the operators, the JuiceFS client is no longer automatically updated since 4.3.0 version. You need to run juicefs version —upgrade to manually upgrade the version.
  3. Add file search command juicefs grep, the same usage as Linux grep, but ten times faster.
  4. You can specify the data block size and enable compress data feature when creating the file system, which can improve the performance of random reads and better support applications with higher random read performance demands such as MySQL, Parity, and Prometheus.
  5. Prometheus API is provided to allow you to connect JuiceFS monitoring metrics to your Prometheus system.
  6. The Statistics (/.stats) recorded on the client can be obtained through the API, see the "Monitoring" chapter in the documentation for details.

Except for the above new features, there are many performance optimizations. For details, please refer to Release Notes.

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