Community Edition


Self Hosted

  • Any public, private, or hybrid cloud environment can be deployed
  • Fully compatible with POSIX, HDFS, S3, and WebDAV access protocols
  • Plug-in metadata engine
  • Local cache

Cloud Service

$0.02 GiB/month

Cloud Hosted

Everything in Community Edition, plus:

  • Fully managed metadata service: high-performance distributed metadata engine developed by Juicedata
  • Upgrade caching solution
  • Enterprise-level management and security features
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Enterprise Edition

Volume Pricing

On-premises (starting from 100TB)

Everything in Cloud Service, plus:

  • More flexibility to adapt to your business
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Extreme performance
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Features Comparison

Community Edition Cloud Service Enterprise Edition
Metadata Engine Redis, TiKV, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. High performance distributed metadata engine developed by Juicedata High performance distributed metadata engine developed by Juicedata with horizontal scalability
Data Storage 30+ Object Storage 30+ Object Storage 30+ Object Storage
File Amount 100 million - 10 billion 100 million 10 billion
Data Volume 1PB - 100PB 10PB 100PB
Metadata Throughput 10,000 - 1,000,000 IOPS 100,000 IOPS Scales horizontally to 10,000,000 IOPS
Number of Clients 100 - 10,000 1,000 10,000
Kubernetes CSI Driver
Hadoop SDK
S3 Gateway
Local Metadata Cache
Local Data Cache
Metadata Cache Expiration by TTL
Active Metadata Cache Invalidation
Distributed Data Cache
Independent Cache Cluster
Global Quota
Data Compression
Subdirectory Quota
Cross-cloud and Cross-region Replication
Web Console
Data Encryption
Access Control
Apache Ranger
Support Community support: GitHub、Slack channel Professional team online support Customizable support
Deployment Self-hosted Fully managed cloud service On-premises

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