JuiceFS News: Kubernetes support, faster performance, small file support, new vendors: Microsoft Azure and Netease Cloud


Here are some of the most recent updates to JuiceFS:

  • New algorithms to significantly increase random write performance
  • Copy-free fast file merging – large performance benefits for big data analysis scenarios
  • Client-side cache sharing to improve read performance of hot data
  • Kubernetes Flex storage volume support
  • New cloud vendors: Microsoft Azure and Netease Cloud(cn)

For a more detailed update log, see our version update page.

We recommended re-mounting to upgrade to the latest version to obtain these improvements.

In addition, we have upgraded the documentation center, where you can find detailed architecture introductions, getting started guides, ways to use JuiceFS in Hadoop and Spark, solutions for using JuiceFS in Kubernetes, and more.

If you have any questions about using the JuiceFS or new challenges in data storage, hail us online at the green icon in the bottom right corner of the website.  Or email us: hello at juicedata.io

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