Move Fast

JuiceFS helps you grow faster by providing a POSIX filesystem for you to operate object storage with high performance and strong consistency.

Outstanding Performance

The latency can be as low as a few microseconds, and the throughput can be expanded to nearly unlimited, business performance bottlenecks no longer cause by file systems.

High Availability

The implementation of Raft promised the availability of the system, operation engineer no longer have to worry about the availability of storage solutions.


All your data is stored in the object store you chose. You can easily create replicas backed by more than one object storage service provider.

Save Money

JuiceFS can scale on demand. You only pay for the space you use. JuiceFS is 10x less expensive than similar solutions.

Use Case

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Data Backup

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Archive Storage

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Shared Storage

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Bigdata Analytics

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Machine Learning

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Container Platform

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Without maintaining a storage cluster, JuiceFS help us solve the problem of sharing a huge amount of data across all machines, very convenient and easy to use.
Geo replication of JuiceFS works like RAID-1, we never need to worry about consistency anymore.

Supported Cloud Providers