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Note: The price showed below does not include the cost of object storage service, you need to pay it separately to your service provider. However, you will pay less for the same amount of data stored via JuiceFS due to the compression.


0 Forever

  • Capacity 1 TiB
  • Number of Inodes 1,000,000
  • Number of Mount 10
  • Performance Moderate


Custom Billed Annually

  • Capacity Unlimited
  • Number of Inodes Unlimited
  • Number of Mount Unlimited
  • Performance Extreme

Open Source

JuiceFS Community Edition

You can also use the open source version of JuiceFS, which can be used freely by any enterprise or individual under the conditions of the Apache 2.0 agreement.

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Service SLA 99.9% 99.95% 99.99%
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POSIX Filesystem
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Q & A

Is JuiceFS cost-effective?

Yes. JuiceFS is the most cost-effective shared POSIX filesystem, costs only 1/10 of other comparable solutions.

Beyond that, JuiceFS brings more performance and functionalities.

How is the usage of JuiceFS calculated?

The usage of JuiceFS is the sum of the size of all objects (inodes). Each inode - file, directory, or symbolic link - has a minimum billable size of 4KB.

The size of JuiceFS is updated in realtime, and sampled every hour.

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