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JuiceFS Adopters

Company/TeamEnvironmentUse Cases
Li Auto Inc.ProductionBig Data, AI
ShopeeProductionBig Data (User story)
ZhihuProductionBig Data
Yaoxin Financing Re-GuaranteeProductionBig Data, File Sharing
Piesat Information Technology Co., Ltd.ProductionFile Sharing
Gene WayProductionFile Sharing
SAIC MotorProductionAI
National Supercomputing Center in JiNanProductionDevOps
NetEase GamesProductionBig Data, File Sharing
YimianProductionBig Data
Trip.comProductionBig Data, File Sharing
vivoProductionAI, File Sharing
Horizon RoboticsProductionAI
SenseTimeProductionFile Sharing
DP TechnologyProductionFile Sharing
JoyientProdcutionFile Sharing, 3D Rendering
China Mobile CloudTestingBig Data
Volcano EngineTestingFile Sharing
Dingdong FreshTestingBig Data
SF ExpressTestingBig Data, File Sharing
Inner Mongolia MENGSHANG Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.TestingFile Sharing

You are welcome to share your experience after using JuiceFS, either by submitting a Pull Request directly to this list, or by contacting us at