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Company/TeamIndustry & Use CasesUser Story
NAVERSearch engine, Training, InferenceNAVER, Korea's No.1 Search Engine, Chose JuiceFS over Alluxio for AI Storage
Character.AIGenAI, Training
FalGenAI, Inference
BentoMLGenAI, InferenceBentoML Reduced LLM Loading Time from 20+ to a Few Minutes with JuiceF
Lepton AIGenAI, Training, Inference
Graviti DiffusGenAI, Inference
Plus.AIAutonomous driving, AI pipeline
JerryCar insurance, Data platformLow-Cost Read/Write Separation: Jerry Builds a Primary-Replica ClickHouse Architecture
DJIDrone & Autonomous driving, AI pipeline
CloboticsDrone, AI pipeline
MemVergeBioTech, High performance file store
MDI Biological LaboratoryBioTech, High performance file store
Lawrence Berkeley LabBioTech, High performance file store
American Museum of Natural HistoryNon-profit, HPC, File sharing
Argonne National LaboratoryNon-profit
Texas A&M UnversityEducation
Simon Fraser UniversityEducation
University of CanberraEducation
PITS Globale DatenrettungsdiensteData recovery service, File Sharing
ExaLeap SemiconductorSemiconductor
Cherry DigitalDigital media
ShopeeE-commerce, Data platformShopee x JuiceFS: ClickHouse Cold and Hot Data Separation Storage Architecture and Practice
ZhihuInternet service, Training, InferenceHow Zhihu Ensures Stable Storage for LLM Training in Multi-Cloud Architecture
GrabData platform
CCB FintechFintech, AI, File sharing
Pingan BankFintech, Data platform
TongdunFintech, Data platform
Yaoxin Financing Re-GuaranteeData platform, File sharing
China TelecomTelecom, Data platformScaling Hadoop on cloud: Managing PB-Level Data through Separation of Compute and Storage with JuiceFS
China Mobile CloudPublic cloud, Data platformImproving Apache HBase Performance on Cloud with JuiceFS
Volcano EnginePublic cloud, File sharing, VFX renderingHow JuiceFS Accelerates Edge Rendering Performance in Volcengine
Kingsoft CloudPublic cloud, Data platformStoring Elasticsearch Warm/Cold Data on Object Storage with JuiceFS: A Guide by Kingsoft Cloud
Piesat Information Technology Co., Ltd.GIS, File sharing
National Supercomputing Center in JiNanHPC, AI
XiaomiConsumer electronics, Training, InferenceXiaomi: Building a Cloud-Native File Storage Platform to Host 5B+ Files in AI Training & More
vivoConsumer electronics, Training, Inference
SF ExpressLogistics, AI pipeline, File sharing
UnisoundAI, Training, InferenceUnisound’s HPC Platform accelerates AI model training and development with JuiceFS
YimianConsulting, Data platformYimian Migrated Hadoop to the Cloud: 2x Storage Capacity & Fewer Ops Costs
Trip.comInternet service, Data platform, File’s practice of massive cold data migrating to object storage with JuiceFS
BeikeInternet service, AI piplineBeike Loads AI Models 20x Faster with Hybrid Cloud Storage
BaiduInternet Service
Tongcheng TravelInternet service, File sharing
SkyplatanusInternet service, AI, File sharing
NetEase GamesGaming, Data platform, File sharing50%+ Cut in Both Storage & Compute Costs: Designing NetEase Games' Cloud Big Data Platform
JoyientGaming, File sharing, VFX rendering
CVTEEducation, File sharing
RicequantQuantitative trading, AI, File sharing
DmallSaaS, Data platform, File sharingWhy DMALL Switched to a Big Data Storage-Compute Decoupled Architecture
Horizon RoboticsAutonomous driving, AI pipeline
Li AutoAutomotive, Big Data, AIMigrating on-Premises Hadoop to Cloud with JuiceFS: A Case Study from Li Auto
NIO AutoAutomotive, AI, File sharing
SAIC MotorAutomotive, AI
Wuling AutoAutomotive, Data platform
coSenceRobotics, AI pipelinecoScene Chose JuiceFS over Alluxio to Tackle Object Storage Drawbacks
DP TechnologyBioTech, AI pipelineAI & HPC Workloads on Hybrid Cloud: Storage Challenges and Solutions
Gene WayBioTech, File sharing

You are welcome to share your experience after using JuiceFS, either by submitting a Pull Request directly to this list, or by contacting us at [email protected].