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Company/TeamEnvironmentUse CasesUser Story
Li AutoProductionBig Data, AIMigrating on-Premises Hadoop to Cloud with JuiceFS: A Case Study from Li Auto
ShopeeProductionBig DataShopee x JuiceFS: ClickHouse Cold and Hot Data Separation Storage Architecture and Practice
ZhihuProductionBig Data
BaiduProductionBig Data
GrabProductionBig Data
TongdunProductionBig Data
Yaoxin Financing Re-GuaranteeProductionBig Data, File Sharing
Piesat Information Technology Co., Ltd.ProductionFile Sharing
Gene WayProductionFile Sharing
SAIC MotorProductionAI
National Supercomputing Center in JiNanProductionDevOps
UnisoundProductionAIUnisound’s HPC Platform accelerates AI model training and development with JuiceFS
NetEase GamesProductionBig Data, File Sharing
YimianProductionBig Data
Trip.comProductionBig Data, File’s practice of massive cold data migrating to object storage with JuiceFS
vivoProductionAI, File Sharing
Horizon RoboticsProductionAI
SenseTimeProductionFile Sharing
DP TechnologyProductionAIAI & HPC Workloads on Hybrid Cloud: Storage Challenges and Solutions
JoyientProductionFile Sharing, VFX Rendering
Kingsoft CloudProductionBig DataStoring Elasticsearch Warm/Cold Data on Object Storage with JuiceFS: A Guide by Kingsoft Cloud
SkyplatanusProductionAI, File Sharing
CVTEProductionFile Sharing
NIO AutoProductionAI, File Sharing
RicequantProductionAI, File Sharing
AISpeechProductionAI, File Sharing
China Mobile CloudProductionBig DataImproving Apache HBase Performance on Cloud with JuiceFS
Volcano EngineProductionFile Sharing, VFX RenderingHow JuiceFS Accelerates Edge Rendering Performance in Volcengine
CCB FintechProductionAI, File Sharing
China TelecomProductionBig DataScaling Hadoop on cloud: Managing PB-Level Data through Separation of Compute and Storage with JuiceFS
DmallProductionBig Data, File Sharing
PITS Globale DatenrettungsdiensteTestingFile Sharing
SF ExpressProductionBig Data, File Sharing
Tongcheng TravelProductionFile Sharing
Pingan BankProductionBig Data
Wuling AutoProductionBig Data
MemVergeProductionHPC, File Sharing

You are welcome to share your experience after using JuiceFS, either by submitting a Pull Request directly to this list, or by contacting us at [email protected].